Featured Artist: Leah Limpert Walt

We are pleased to display artwork from the very talented Leah Limpert Walt, a Fine Art student at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. Stop by the cafe to see more.

Featured Artist: Revolution Lancaster

Revolution was founded with the purpose to build relationships and community. Their beginnings were simple - to come together as a group of women with a heart to love their neighbors.

This beautiful experience became much more; and a social enterprise was born. Revolution began setting up workshops to teach women the craft of jewelry making – allowing them to generate income, grow in self-confidence and build hope for the future. It is through times of crisis that supportive community is needed most. That is why Revolution exists.

We are honored to have them as this month's featured artist...

Featured Artist: Christiane David

"With a personality as vibrant as her paintings, Belgium born artist Christiane David has taken art to a new level in Lancaster County. Walking into her Lancaster gallery on Prince Street is like walking into an enchanted world of color. Filled with an eclectic array of watercolors, acrylic, and oil paintings, it is no doubt one of the most vibrant colorful galleries you’ll find anywhere. Regardless of the medium or the subject matter, every painting large or small is a dramatization of color, texture, and dimension."

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Drinks of Summer: Apricot Ginger Shrub

Visit Musser Park on any given Sunday this Summer and you'll find a bustling market full of fresh produce, local goods, and smiling faces.

Lancaster East Side Market has proven to be an excellent venue to showcase our refreshing seasonal shrubs. From strawberry-basil to watermelon-mint, it's a joy to offer up local ingredients that not only taste great, but have additional health benefits. Simply put, a shrub refers to sweetened vinegar-based syrup infused with fruit juice, herbs, and spices that can be mixed with carbonated water (or spirits if you're feeling adventurous)...

Prince Street Cafe in The New York Times

New York Times Travel writer Kathryn O’Shea-Evans mentions Prince Street Cafe along side our good friends at Ma(i)son, Thistle Finch Distillery, Lancaster Central Market, and PhotOlé in her article "Amish Country Embraces Farm-to-Table".

Lancastrians pack into this 19th-century, brick-walled storefront overlooking the Fulton Opera House for its locally roasted coffee and Lady Grey tea lattes with house-made lavender syrup.
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